Get rid of manual
document treatment

Skwiz uses AI to help you gain time and reduce manual labour by automating the processing of documents, from document type identification to data extraction

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Extract data automatically
from any type of document

That’s right. Even if we haven’t worked with your document type yet, we can train a model for you in a record time.

Complete document processing

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  • Any document type
  • Any source, incl. email
  • Single & bulk documents
Data extraction
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  • Document classification
  • Data capture
  • Table extraction
  • Object recognition
Validation & workflows
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  • Optional human review
  • Advanced workflows
  • Data validation and cross-referencing
Any output
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  • Any output type (JSON, CSV, XML, ...)

Cutting-edge technology

But we keep it simple for you.

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No-Code Platform
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Full Data Privacy
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Local Support
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Active Learning
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Any document type
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Easy to integrate
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High Accuracy
No set-up costs icon
No set-up costs

User-friendly application

Document processing made simple.

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Validate processed documents in a matter of seconds.
Search & review any document at any time.
Monitor volumes and Skwiz’ performance live in our dashboard.

Some examples

Icon Financial
  • Invoice
  • Receipt
Icon Supply Chain
  • Purchase order
  • Packing list
  • Bill of lading
Icon Insurance
  • European Accident Form
Icon Your Business
  • Your document

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